Motorbike Finance Deals

Motorbike Finance Deals

We are capable of providing motorbike finance deals to suit you in your local and surrounding areas, so make sure to get in touch.

Financing Used Motorbikes

Financing Used Motorbikes

We provide many services including financing used motorbikes, which is often a lot more cost effective than financing brand new!

Bicycle Finance UK

Bicycle Finance UK

We can even provide leasing options for a range of bicycles too! Make sure to contact us for more information on the bikes available.

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Motorbike Finance Deals

Here at Car Finance Company we don't only offer finance for cars, we also offer motorbike finance deals too! From small cc bikes to extremely powerful ones, we have the right deal for you.

One great benefit of financing these vehicles is that there is no need to break the bank with a massive upfront cost, and as we offer both new and used deals we can guarantee to find the right deal for you.


Our motorbike finance deals can vary in price entirely depending on the budget of our customers, however if you have a specific type of vehicle you are looking for then please don't hesistate to fill out our contact form and we can showcase all of the options to you.

What is Bike Finance?

Bike finance is agreeing to spend a fee overtime to loan out the bike for your personal or commercial use. One great benefit of financing a bike is the ability to have access to a brand new or used motorbike/bicycle that can be used 24/7 without having to pay a very large upfront cost to own the vehicle.  

If you are interested in buying a vehicle on finance, you may want to have a look at this page Here you can find out more information on the various vehicles available.

Purchasing a vehicle is no simple process. From buying in full to investing in a bike, there are a lot of possible choices. Running costs are in addition yet another variable that you need to think about when looking at bike finance. Aside from investing in a house, a bike or bicycle is one of the most costly belongings you will ever purchase. So it is very important to be sure to get the top deal on financing.

Bike Finance UK

Bike finance UK can be provided by us to the highest quality to make sure you get the perfect deal for you. It is essential that you decide on the very best bike finance UK for you and also compare top quality specialists the make sure you get the best offers authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ensure you can afford the monthly instalment. Be sure you compare and contrast interest rates by checking the APR (annual percentage rate), including all the charges you need to pay. In the event you put more cash down as a deposit, you will have a lower interest rate.

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Assess the total cost of borrowing, including all charges over the loan. Insurance protection like GAP cover and Payment Protection Insurance could be high priced and might not provide complete cover, so make sure you think carefully before you accept this. GAP cover is also important when leasing cars and other vehicles like vans.

Find out more on our amazing van finance deals - GAP coverage is a kind of insurance which will pay out if you have wrote off your vehicle and the vehicle value is less than the payments that are still outstanding. In the event you go over the arranged mileage, further fees or early repayment might become evident in PCP along with personal leasing.

Used Motorbike Finance

We don't just offer brand new bikes here, we can also provide you with great deals on used motorbike finance across the UK. Our used bikes have been checked over thoroughly to make sure they are in the best condition possible, giving you peice of mind regarding your purchase.

While many individuals spend a lot of time evaluating and contrasting unique models and after that haggle hard to get the pricing down, the quantity of individuals who take time to scour the marketplace for the very best used motorbike finance offer is a lot smaller for that reason.

You might risk making the price of the vehicle more expensive if you are paying over the odds to borrow money to buy it. In fact, you might find yourself paying out thousands over the odds, which is why it’s really worth knowing the numerous options and checking the rates of interest and expenses around.

Finance Motorcycle Offers

Hire Purchase or HP (one of many finance motorcycle offers) involves distributing financial payments over a 12-60 month interval and frequently giving a 10% downpayment first, subject to status. A bike trader can organise Personal Contract Hire, that is typically competitive for newer bikes.

For this kind of leases, you won't own the bike until you've paid back the final instalment; this is due to the credit is secured against the vehicle. Personal contract hire is one of the most common kinds of getting a vehicle leased. You may need to have a credit check with a credit broker before you enter into one of these deals.

A Personal contract plan is a type of motor deal on hire purchase and is likely to cause reduced monthly instalments. In a personal contract plan, you will pay the gap between sale and resale cost instead of buying the bike outright. For more information on this, have a look at this

The annual mileage will have an impact on the month to month price. Repayments are spread across a shorter duration of 12-36 months. At the end of the agreement it is possible to give back the bike to the dealership and pay nothing, trade the bike in and begin once again or pay the reselling expense of the vehicle and keep it.

With a PCP leasing plan, you need to pay an initial deposit and regular monthly instalments exactly like you would with a loan however these amounts are often smaller than some other types of leasing. The monthly payments are really low-cost, due to a big payment must be paid before you own the vehicle.


Most personal finance motorcycle offers will involve sticking to a specific mileage; you may then get maintenance as part of the fixed month-to-month cost. You have to give the bike back to the dealer after the contract ends.

In a personal leasing contract, the vehicle never belongs to you. The benefits on this is driving at a fixed month-to-month cost with no concerns regarding the vehicle depreciating in value.

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