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Business cars can be a great way of businesses to promote themselves whilst providing employees with great satisfaction.

Company Car Financing

Company Car Financing

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Car Financing Experts

Car Financing Experts

As car financing experts, we are able to provide you with a car of your choice, at a great price that suits you.

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Company Car Financing 

In relation to buying brand new vehicles you might find it relatively tricky. Should you not wish to, or even simply can't afford to, buy a car in full, you might decide to buy the vehicles by lease.

You also need to take into account operating costs. In relation to Company Car Financing, cars are one of the most expensive things that people purchase in their life time. So it’s crucial to be sure to get the top offer on financing.



Although many individuals invest hours comparing various makes and models after which negotiate to get the cost down, the number of individuals who take the time to search the market for the very best motor finance deal is much smaller as a result. All deals are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

However, paying too much to borrow the money to purchase a car can certainly wipe out any reduction you manage to get on the expense paid for and make the vehicles be more expensive overall. It is advisable to assess interest rates and also the company charges available to be sure you do not pay more than you have to.

What is Company Car Financing?

Hire Purchase or HP will involve distributing finance payments over a 12-60 month timeframe and frequently putting down a 10% deposit first. If you are searching for Personal Contract Hire, this may be arranged by a car dealership.

Credit is secured against vehicles for this kind of finance, meaning you'll only own the car when the very last instalment is complete. The most common method to finance a vehicle is through personal contract hire. Companies will usually need to check your credit score before you can enter into an agreement.

The vehicles can include Nissan as we as many other manufacturers that can be a great choice for you. 

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It is important that you select the very best company financing method for you and compare top quality specialists the make sure you get the very best offers. The most important thing to take into consideration is the payment per month charges; it is vital that you can pay for these so that you do not get indebted or even get the vehicle took off you.

Looking at the annual percentage rate (APR) is vital; this will tell you everything that you will need to pay for. If you want to lower your rate of interest, placing a greater down payment down could help. Compare the total cost of borrowing, including all expenses over the credit.

Numerous insurance covers can be costly and offer limited cover - you should think about this before selecting PPI and GAP cover. GAP coverage is a kind of insurance which will pay out if you have written off your vehicle and the value of a vehicle is less than the monthly payments that are still outstanding.

Watch out for early repayment or additional charges which start working if you go beyond the estimated mileage in personal contract plans (and also personal leasing).

Car Financing Experts Near Me

As local car financing experts closest to you we are able to offer you a range of cars on finance which can be suitable for you. The vehicles can include Land Rovers as well as many other cars which can be used for a number of reasons.

Speak to our specialists today if you'd be interested in finding out more and receiving further details. Just fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you shortly. 

Business Vehicles

Personal contract plan is a form of motor finance deal on hire purchase and tends to result in reduced monthly payments. Through a personal contract plan, you will pay the difference between sale and resale price instead of buying the vehicle outright. The cost is based on the distance travelled over the duration of an agreement.

Instalments may be distributed over 12-36 months instead. The most popular business vehicles are vans. To learn more about van leasing please click here If you'd like to keep the vehicles once the agreement is finished, you can buy it for the reselling cost; otherwise, you may either hand the cars back or swap them for different company car which means you will have to begin the payments again.

With a PCP finance plan, you need to pay a down payment and monthly instalments exactly like you would with a loan however these sums tend to be smaller than alternative types of leasing. Before the vehicle is yours, a last ‘balloon-payment’ is needed on personal contract plan offers.


Private financing in your surrounding area means you are able to pay the nearby dealership a fixed month to month sum for the use of a vehicle, together with servicing and repair included, given that the mileage doesn’t exceed a particular limit.

After the personal financing arrangement is finished, the vehicles will be given back to the trader. You don't ever own the cars. What this means is you won't have to worry about the vehicles depreciating. It is very beneficial to research and therefore know about all of the available options that will help you to save yourself time and money.

This is because, for example, if you're borrowing money this could completely counteract all the money that you have been able to get reduced off the car.

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